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What I Offer

Fashion Research

By research we mean all the series of investigations that will be carried out on the spot (street research) or with the help of the web to collect informations, testimonials and various materials strictly personalized to the client’s brief.

Fashion Scouting

By fashion scouting we mean all the series of investigations aimed at “finding” specific categories of the fashion sector or in a given territory: new talents, eco-sustainable fashion projects, Italian craftsmanship, new menswear tailors, fashion brands of a particular region or city, etc.


I have experience in teaching in international fashion schools on subjects such as styling, style analysis,
trend forecasting, trends analysis.  Among the schools, I collaborated with is the Marangoni Institute in Milan, Florence, and Mumbai.
I prepare and hold lessons for fashion schools, as well as public speaking sessions on ethical fashion, trends research, coolhunting, and related subjects.

Fashion Styling

A Master’s degree in Fashion Styling at the Istituto Marangoni Milano, followed by experiences in the Italian men’s magazines: “Maxim Italia” and “Style magazine”- Rizzoli publishing.

Fashion styling is finding and coordinating clothes, accessories to create outfits but especially includes a creative process to originate a visual atmosphere around a brand, or an editorial photoshoot. To make it I realize accurate photographic research mixed with a study of the last trends.

What I Do

Being a


  • Finding Beauty wherever I go.

  • Paying attention to every signal from the street.

  • Being  a lover of authenticity in every form and being able to capture it

  • Exploring with the locals, looking in the creative and alternative neighborhoods, instead of the mainstream spots of a city.

  • Recognizing the possibility of every person being able to express their own personality through style.

  • Being curious enough to find the beauty in the “unconventional”.

  • Recognizing the quality of a product.

  • Being able to distinguish the charm in a vintage garment.

  • Defining the street as the most democratic catwalk where every identity could come out.

  • Being Italian and being raised surrounded by high quality, craftsmanship, strong heritage, and “Made in Italy” brand.

  • Supporting the philosophy “Recycle, Reuse, Reduce“.

  • Actively pursuing a more ethical and eco-sustainable fashion.


"Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier“

Charles Franklin Kettering

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