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VOGUE Latino America, October 2016.

Personal interview and photoshoot by the editor Bernardita Brown and photographer Diego Galaz.

About me

Fashion researcher/scouter

Hi, I am Myriam Belviso.

I am a researcher who travels the world in order to explore places, styles and states of mind.

I deal with fashion research and scouting in the field of ethical fashion, style, trends.

My activities also include street-photography, coolhunting, styling.



I am passionate about :


ethical – sustainable fashion,


made in Italy craftsmanship,


vintage and


second hand,


sectors that support the vision of a fashion closer to the definition of “style”, a means to express authenticity, made of quality that lasts over time and that has a minimal impact on the ‘environment.




My Story

How I Got Started


Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies at “La Sapienza”, Rome (3rd place – National competition “María Baiocchi” thesis about LGBT studies, thesis: “Tra-vesti & menti. Style, fashion and queer taste.”

Master’s Degree Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni Milano.


Some of my experiences:

I have experience as a stylist in men‘s magazine in Milan, Rizzoli pubblishing, in teaching at international fashion schools on subjects such as styling, style analysis, history of art and fashion, trends, etc. Among the schools I have collaborated with is the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Florence and Mumbai.

I have held corporate training seminars and public speaking engagements on these and other related subjects.

I worked as a cool hunter in Latin America and fashion scouter in Italy for a Silicon Valley company.




My curiosity of the world, and believing in the value of diversity allows me to interact with different cultures, using intuition and empathy. This is why dedication to my work as a researcher is something that comes naturally.

It is a job that I deeply love, and do with a lot of respect and reliability whether it has to be to local or “far” places.

This analysis is developed on the field, in a sort of ” trip-mission“, with the observation and collection of street photos, interviews, testimonials, materials, or remotely with the help of the internet, books, and magazines.

The goal is to create a personal “HUNTING-BOX“, an inspiring container highly customized to the customer and imbued with my point of view, where creative professionals, scholars, etc. can draw upon to broaden their vision.

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